C-Dye 370

Ultraviolet leak tracing dye

  • Formulated for subsea leak detection

  • Colourless, water-soluble dye concentrate

  • Excellent environmental credentials

OceanTools C-Dye 370 is a colourless UV dye concentrate, designed for tracing leaks in a variety of subsea environments. With maximum absorption in the near UV range and emission in the visible range, it can help identify leaks around subsea control systems, risers and pipelines.

The dye is typically dosed at a ratio between 100ppm and 200ppm depending on the application. Compatibility with the dosage medium and the appropriate concentration should be confirmed prior to use, and the dye should be thoroughly dispersed within the chosen medium.

C-Dye 370 is registered with CEFAS in the UK and classed as Gold with no substitutable components, which is the lowest hazard class available. In Norway it holds a Yellow classification.