Subsea leak tracing dye

  • Formulated for subsea leak detection

  • Use in cement, seawater or fresh water

  • Excellent environmental credentials

OceanTools C-Dye has been specially formulated to give outstanding results when detecting leaks in a variety of subsea environments including pipelines, risers and subsea control systems.

  • C-Dye may be added to water at a suggested dosage of 200ppm or 0.02%

  • C-Dye may be added to control fluids at a suggested dosage of 250ppm or 0.025%

  • C-Dye may be added to cement at a suggested dosage of 0.33gal/bbl or 1.25l/bbl or around 0.8%

C-Dye may be added directly to the cement or seawater spacer during cementing operations, or even a barite spacer if the dye concentration is increased. It should not be added to spacers containing bentonitic materials, as they cloak the dye.

C-Dye is OCNS registered with CEFAS in the UK and the Netherlands, under Gold with no substitutable components classification. It holds Yellow 1 classification in Norway, and has been successfully EPA/OSHA tested for use in the US. Few other dyes meet this very high level of environmental acceptance.