Subsea leak and dye detection systems

OceanTools is no longer promoting OceanSENSE® systems

We are currently completing the development of a range of advanced DyeTection systems for dye, leak and cement detection, including:

The new DyeTection systems may be used to detect leaks from underwater infrastructure such as manifolds, wellheads or pipelines if a suitable dye has been added to the infrastructure fluids. They may also be used during casing cementing operations to detect cement returns if a tracer dye is added to either the seawater spacer or to the cement itself.

Versions of the DyeTection systems are being developed to detect specific types of dye in addition to OceanTools C-Dye and C-Dye 370, including:

  • Rhodamine dyes such as B275, RX9022, Pelagic 100 Pink

  • Ultraviolet dyes such as RX9026E, Pelagic 100, Champion Cleardye, Castrol HT2

  • Fluorescein dyes such as HW443, HW540P, Oceanic Yellow LTF

Development is well under way, and the full range of DyeTection products should be ready over the coming months.