OceanFOG-3K Subsea Fibre Optic Gyrocompass

OceanFOG may be used in a wide variety of subsea and surface applications including Survey, ROV navigation, AUV navigation and for Metrology applications. For metrology applications, external augmentation such as a DVL and Digiquartz inputs may be introduced to enhance the latitude, longitude and deltaheight outputs.

  • Outputs heading, pitch, roll, heave, latitude, longitude, rates & accelerations
  • Rapid run-up time of less than 3 minutes
  • RS232 and RS485 outputs
  • High accuracy metrology mode
  • 3000m standard depth rating
  • Heave measured at 200 Hz
  • RovFOG variant
  • Never Requires Calibration

When used in static survey operations OceanFOG does not require any external latitude inputs. If used on a moving vessel then a GPS derived external latitude will be required.

A survey grade fibre optic gyro, OceanFOG has class leading long-term heading, pitch and roll stabilities as demonstrated by these recorded outputs taken from two different but typical units:

  Example 1

  Example 2

For the OceanTools MiniFOG Gyrocompass please see Legacy Products