Custom Engineering & Consultancy

The OceanTools Special Project Engineering Group has many years of experience designing a wide range of technologies for use in harsh subsea environments

With a team of engineers experienced in electrical, electronic, software, mechanical and hydraulic engineering we are keen to listen to client requirements and deliver integrated or bespoke solutions.

OceanTools has produced many integrated solutions to solve client’s problems. These solutions typically involve integrating several standard and special products to produce a custom solution.

Over the years we have developed and delivered Anchor Chain Monitoring Systems, Caisson Inspection Systems, Subsea Pressure Housings, Custom Winches, Hydraulic Power Units, Sensor and Logging Subsea Frames and many more.

Clients can access OceanTools expertise via our consultancy service. With hands on in-depth knowledge of subsea and underwater technologies and drawing on experience beyond the usual OceanTools sphere of operation, we can advise on direction, technological capability, suitability and operational considerations.

OceanTools takes a "Solutioneering" approach to solving our client’s problems. A Solutioneer is someone who examines a situation, explores its possibilities, determines solutions, and effectively actions them to completion.