MA500D and MA850D

Digital single beam echo sounder altimeters

  • 500kHz frequency-swept CHIRP (MA500D)
  • 850kHz monolithic transducer (MA850D)
  • Simultaneous analogue & digital outputs
  • 3000m standard depth rating

The MA500D and MA850D precision single beam echo sounder altimeters contain the latest DSP electronics to produce subsea altitude measurement with impressive accuracy and resolution. The MA500D utilises frequency swept CHIRP technology and advanced composite transducers. The MA850D uses a monolithic transducer and has an increased 4000m depth rating.

The supplied Windows-based software allows the user to configure and control the altimeter, graphically displays altimeter data and offers full logging and replay of the data. Shallow freshwater and deep seawater applications include ROV and AUV altitude measurement, under-ice surveying, subsea depth sounding and monitoring of canal locks and hydro-electric plants.