Deep ocean underwater display unit

  • 7000m depth rated

  • Available with red or green LEDs

  • Programmable 'wake-up' and 'sleep' periods

  • Displays data from RS232 or RS485 input

The OceanDISP-7K is a versatile light-activated deep ocean display unit with a high visibility LED matrix display. The innovative new package with acetal housing, aluminium front plate and acrylic window is more rugged and resilient than the original OceanDISP clear tube design, with an extended 7000m depth rating. Data from a wide range of inputs can be displayed, including tilt sensors, gyrocompasses, pressure, temperature and flow sensors. Numerical data can be scrolled or sequenced, or the unit can act as a serial terminal display. Battery life is extended by external TTL control or programmable light sensor activation periods.