Subsea serial datalogger

  • Logs 2 channels of RS232 serial data
  • Timestamps to millisecond resolution
  • 256MB recording capacity
  • Up to 10 million data points
  • 3000m standard depth rating

The OceanLOG is a compact and low power subsea datalogger designed to support a wide range of underwater sensors. The unit can record two channels of RS232 serial data at up to 115200 baud, supporting freerunning ASCII serial strings. The datalogger has a 256MB recording capacity as standard, and a timestamp to millisecond resolution is applied to each line of data.

OceanCELL subsea battery packs are also available with an integrated OceanLOG datalogger. The datalogger can operate for up to 3 months on a typical 12.6Ah battery pack. If the battery pack is used to power subsea sensors, the integral datalogger can capture their data with only a small additional power requirement.