Surface IP67 battery pack

  • Lithium-Ion or Lead-Acid variants
  • Up to 528Wh capacity
  • Rechargeable and non-rechargeable options
  • Optional voltage monitoring electronics
  • Waterproof to IP67 rating

The OceanPACK range of surface battery packs are suitable for powering sensors and other instrumentation on deck or other harsh environments where a waterproof power source is required. The OceanPACK-LI consists of a single UN 38.3 Approved lithium-ion polymer battery pack, assembled in an IP67 rated enclosure. The OceanPACK-PB contains 2 individual 12V sealed lead-acid batteries configured for either 12V or 24V to suit the customer application.

An optional voltage monitoring board allows remote monitoring of the battery status by reporting on-load voltage readings via RS232 or RS485 serial output. Custom battery packs may be designed to a client's precise specifications, including a choice of connectors.

The OceanCELL and MiniCELL range of subsea lithium-ion polymer battery packs are depth rated to 3000m. A C-Switch underwater switch can reliably isolate a battery pack from powered devices for safer operation both on deck and subsea.