Multi-Camera Digital Video Control System

  • Supports up to 8 analogue or IP cameras

  • Optional pan & tilt and lighting control

  • Built-in HD display and recording

Hydra is a Pelicase housed multi-camera digital video control system. The versatile Hydra Hybrid has four composite video inputs for analogue cameras including OceanCAM-CC compact cameras, with support for additional IP cameras via an Ethernet LAN connection. The Hydra IP control system supports up to eight OceanCAM-IP cameras, either directly connected to the control unit and powered using PoE (Power over Ethernet) or via a shared LAN connection.

Live video from up to eight camera inputs is displayed on the built-in HD display. Additionally, the unit can simultaneously digitally record video footage from all connected cameras, with a range of playback and export options.

Adding a HyPod subsea control pod allows additional IP cameras to be operated remotely over a single STP or coax umbilical up to 1000m in length. A HyPod+ extended subsea control pod can also distribute power and data to a remote network of up to eight PT330 pan & tilt units and up to eight pairs of OceanLED subsea lights. External controls connected to the Hydra IP unit can then control the subsea devices.