Standard and High Definition video overlays

  • Available with 1 to 4 video channels
  • Auto-detection of video inputs
  • 3 or 4 RS232 serial inputs as standard
  • Optional 4 channel analogue and CP input
  • Optional Pipetracker interface
  • HD-SDI, SDI or Composite inputs (HDO)

Available in both SD and HD versions, the industry standard OceanTools multiple channel Video Overlay is the overlay of choice for many ROV and survey companies, with hundreds of units deliered globally. The 19" rack-mount system can superimpose a wide range of data from multiple sources as highly configurable text and graphics onto PAL and NTSC video inputs. The HDO also supports HD-SDI and SDI inputs and can act as a video scaler bidirectionally converting between a number of video formats.

The optional pipetracker interface offers a heads-up display of pertinent information including depth of burial, altitude, lateral offset, historical data and search coil voltage.