Underwater pan & tilt unit with absolute positional feedback

  • 3000m standard depth rating

  • 1° absolute positional feedback

  • Telemetry or voltage control

  • Low backlash harmonic drives

The PT330 is a rugged and compact electronically controlled pan & tilt unit designed for a wide range of subsea and underwater applications. The unit may be controlled via RS232, RS485 or by switching ±24VDC on to each axis, allowing simultaneous movement in both axes. It offers absolute positional feedback, with pan and tilt position remembered even after being powered down. Graphical control software is supplied with each PT330 unit, to allow remote control from a Windows PC. Alternatively, a portable joystick controller is available, with an integral positional feedback display and power supply.

The units are manufactured using brushless DC motors, low backlash harmonic drives and heavy duty bearings on the output shaft. The TT180 Tilt Unit supports precision movement on the tilt axis only, with the same control options (RS232, RS485 or ±24VDC) and absolute positional feedback as the PT330.