Subsea Pressure Housings

Design and manufacture of custom subsea pressure housings

  • Several thousand housings delivered
  • Custom designs to full ocean depth
  • Pressure test to 12000m
  • Experience with many materials
  • Quick design turnaround

Several thousand OceanTools subsea pressure housings of various sizes, shapes and depth ratings have been designed, manufactured and delivered to a wide range of customers. The OceanTools design team has many years of experience, equipped with up to date 3D CAD and FEA software.

We have delivered housings in materials including hard-anodised aluminium, titanium, stainless steel, nylon and UHMWPE. Safety factors are built into all of our designs. All housings are supplied with O-rings and fasteners as appropriate, and can include underwater bulkhead connectors, mating connectors, connector assemblies, power supplies, internal brackets etc.