Subsea displays with integral tilt sensors

  • Attitude or verticality measurement

  • Standard depth ratings 1000m & 3000m

  • 180° operating range

  • Available with red or green LEDs

The DISTIL and DISTIL-V units are a combination of the OceanDISP subsea display unit and OceanTILT precision attitude sensor products. The DISTIL-M is a smaller version of the DISTIL for applications where space is at a premium.

The DISTIL and DISTIL-M are primarily intended for subsea structure attitude measurement. Pitch and roll data is scrolled horizontally on the high visibility LED matrix display. The DISTIL-V is primarily intended for casing, conductor and caisson verticality measurement. Angle and quadrant data is scrolled vertically.

The DISTIL range is paired with an integral battery pack in a robust deployment frame in AMS attitude measurement systems and VMS verticality measurement systems, for tasks including wellhead installation and verticality surveys.