Subsea battery pack

  • Rechargeable and non-rechargeable options
  • Standard capacity options up to 38Ah
  • Optional pressure activation
  • Optional voltage monitoring electronics
  • 3000m standard depth rating

The OceanCELL range of subsea battery packs are suitable for powering gyrocompasses, tilt sensors, underwater displays and other instrumentation. The OceanCELL-12 consists of a single UN 38.3 Approved lithium-ion polymer battery pack, assembled in a 3000m depth rated housing. The OceanCELL-38 contains 3 individually UN 38.3 Approved battery packs for extended periods of operation.

An optional voltage monitoring board allows remote monitoring of the battery status by reporting on-load voltage readings via RS232 or RS485 serial output. Custom battery packs may be designed to a client's precise specifications. A C-Switch underwater switch can reliably isolate the battery power for safer operation both on deck and subsea.

OceanCELL subsea battery packs are also available with an integrated OceanLOG datalogger. The datalogger can capture up to 256MB of ASCII data from two serial inputs with only a small additional power requirement.