Subsea leak and dye detection systems

  • Impressive detection range up to 7m
  • ROV and Diver-held versions
  • Results visible both on camera and via software
  • Up to 50x as sensitive as black-light detectors

The market leading OceanSENSE subsea leak detection systems are field proven on hundreds of offshore jobs with a very impressive detection rate of close to 100%. A single OceanSENSE unit may be used both to detect leaks from subsea infrastructure and detect cement dye during cementing operations. When deployed in a commissioning role, OceanSENSE can be used to prove the structural integrity of spool tie-ins and subsea structures beyond the capability of the human eye to see trace dye in water.

OceanSENSE units are designed to work with a wide range of dyes and substances including but not limited to:

  • OceanTools C-Dye
  • Rhodamine RX9022 and B275
  • Fluoresceins
  • Houghton Stack-Magic Eco-F
  • Champion Cleardye and Fluorodye


The perfect tool for BOP integrity management

The early detection and verification of the source of BOP (Blowout Preventer) valve leaks can mean the difference between having to suspend a drilling operation and continuing the job. OceanSENSE has been tested against Houghton Stack-Magic Eco-F, a hydraulic fluid used globally in BOPs. OceanSENSE can typically detect Stack-Magic Eco-F at ranges up to 7m when used at recommended concentrations.

Satisfied leak detection clients

The following feedback was received after an OceanSENSE deployment on a pressurised MeOH line:

[T]he OceanSENSE software picked up a trace which then focused our attention to a particular area and basically lead us in until the visual leak could be seen. The leak was in an awkward place which could have easily been missed if a visual only system was being utilised.  I would use the analogy that the OceanSENSE is like a sonar for leaks - guiding you in when the visual indication of a leak is outwith the range or reach of a camera.

The equipment was small, light, easy to install and we had zero failures on either of the two systems we were hiring. During the planning and preparation of the job the staff at OceanTools in the UK were extremely helpful and their assistance was perfect to make the job happen in the timeline we were given by the client, so thanks to the team at OceanTools. As far as I know no support was required from them during the work so that is testament alone to the usability and reliability of the equipment.