Underwater cement returns detection system

  • Potential to save hours of rig time
  • Deployed via virtually any ROV
  • Visual and audible detection notification
  • Many times more sensitive than pH meters

The OceanSENSE cement detection systems are field proven on many offshore well cementing jobs with a very impressive near 100% detection rate. Tracer dye is added to either the spacer or to the actual cement, and leaks are detected and reported by the OceanSENSE, as illustated below.

The system has a detection capability of 4ppb (parts per billion) when deployed with OceanTools C-Dye at a dilution ratio of 0.02%.


Dramatic Potential Cost Savings

OceanSENSE has the ability to potentially save $Hundreds of Thousands per top-hole drilled by saving hours of rig time and dramatically reducing the number of barrels of cement required during cementing operations.

This is achieved by detecting the arrival of dye in the spacer, pre-flush or actual cement the moment it arrives at the surface. Pumping may then be suspended thus saving hours of rig time. On subsequent wells, only the required amount of cement plus a safety factor needs pumping.

To estimate how much you could save, use our online calculator tool.